Local Missions

ICC supports and leads ministries, both financially and practically, in the local area.

Churchfield House:

Churchfield House is the largest set of elderly accommodation in Elmbridge.  On Thursday afternoon a group of ICC men and women join residents for a chat and some fun in the form of quizzes, singing of songs and lots of laughter.  There is also time for a message with a Christian theme.  Sometimes we pray for healing and have seen some amazing answers to prayer.  The benefit of this outreach to the residents just cannot be overemphasised.  Numbers of elderly attending have grown to about 30.


We have an opportunity to serve some of the residents of North Leatherhead who have found refuge at the Batitude shop.  Many of them are elderly or single-parent families or who are living in poverty.  We have been involved in cleaning, clearing, mending projects for the customers of the shop.  We set aside a Project Day when all members of ICC, of all ages, give time to work on a project together, such as garden clearing, cooking a meal.


There are many who are vulnerable and in need through isolation, poverty, ill health, homelessness and domestic violence.  The Besom helps Christians to make a difference through practical projects such as gardening, decorating, cleaning or through giving good quality items of furniture, white goods, clothes, kitchen equipment, groceries, and other household items.  Groups of people get involved in decorating, cleaning and gardening for those in need.

If you would like to help our local Missions in a practical or financial way, please contact churchoffice@icc-uk.org