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International Missions

ICC supports overseas ministries and missionaries.


Romania Mission
Sami Mitra started the ‘Children of the Promise’ to help the gypsy children in Romania.  There are 1.5 million gypsies in Romania, most of whom are treated as outcasts.  In turn, their children are often neglected and left to fend for themselves through prostitution, aggressive begging, stealing.  Sami’s Day Centre in Oradea cares for about 150 children and breaks the cycle of oppression and neglect through feeding, teaching and clothing these young gypsies children.  He has also established a Women’s Centre to house and help young gypsy women who would have no other means of support.   He helps them integrate into society and learn of Christ’s love for them.


In the last couple of years, a large number of Syrian refugees have settled in Turkey where they have no access to any resources.  Very few of the adults have found work to support their families, and thousands of children have not been able to attend school since leaving Syria.  ICC became aware of a small team of dedicated volunteers who have set up a small school for them, which runs a few days each week, teaching the basic elements of education – English, Arabic, Turkish, Maths and Music.  ICC has just begun helping to support the school’s essential needs and it is hoped that eventually the children will receive one nutritious meal each day.

Promised Hope – Child Sponsorship

Here is another way to monthly support the children in these international ministries.  If you feel you could regularly support one child or several children, please download the Child Sponsorship Form which contains instructions on how to do so.  Please return it to ICC’s church office.  If you have any queries, please call 01932-571820.